Before Earthquake

AI on site EEWS provides you advanced warning message before earthquake comes in timely manner

TEST TEXT With our solution, you could get warning message prior to earthquake strike and take precaution in time to reduce loss and shorten system recovery time to optimize your output and efficiency


Set up by Customer Demand

On-Site EEWS benefits is to set up based on environmental factor and customer demand to bring out best performance. It is a highly professional process including system planning, set up, calibration, even maintenance. You can count on our experienced team for best customized service


AI Driven Mythology

Our AI model is based on 300,000 piece of earthquake data. With more data collection, it will be faster and smarter. Plus with optimized system design, we could assure best performance.


Pro-action Prevails against doing nothing

Our solution exceeds earthquake strike to let you react and win in second, A little too late is much too late. With many actual users cases. We are your liable partner to make thing safer and better