During Earthquake


To face earthquake calmly

Earthquake comes unexpectedly, with advanced notice by coordinated IOT device, you could have relatively sufficient time to react to make yourself safer. We work with our partner to provide you smart safety solution to help you face earthquake and deal with it wisely


Smart Guiding System

Through our smart guiding system which gives you advanced vocal warning to escape by speaker system and show you the safe spot for you to stay if you are still inside to minimize damage


Gas System shot down System

Sometimes earthquake will damage pipe system, this will cause water or gas leakage. Sometimes you will have no time or forget to shut it down when you need to urgently run. With our gas auto shut down solution, further damage by gas leak could be avoided.


Elevator Escape Solution

Upon Receiving earthquake warning message, safety mechanism will be triggered to notify people in elevator and to stop elevator in time at nearest floor to evacuate people inside. This will make smart building safer.